Ian Paice
English Drummer, Deep Purple

Hall of Fame member, Ian Paice is an English musician, best known as the drummer and the longest standing, original member of the English rock band Deep Purple, which Paice co-founded in 1968. After Deep Purple temporarily split, Paice went on to form a new group, Paice Ashton Lord in 1976 and then in 1979, at the request of David Coverdale, he joined Whitesnake for 3 years.  Paice also had many notable collaborations over the years with artists such as Gary Moore, Paul McCartney, jazz legend Eddie Harris and George Harrison, amongst others. "The Band's hits include the iconic “Smoke On The Water”, which tells a true story of the Montreux Casino studio burning to the ground before a recording session.The smoke from from the burning casino spread over Lake Geneva, as the members of Deep Purple watched from their hotel, hence the title of the song.”

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