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Is this an affordable program?

Our program is 100% customizable to fit almost any budget. Ideally, the program will best accommodate teams from
50 people to 500 people. Contrary to popular belief, rock stardom doesn't have to be excessive or expensive. Let us put together a custom quote for you today and see how easy it is to bring this world renowned team building experience into
your own organization.

Where does the program take place?

The program can take place at any club, venue, hotel, convention center, office space, etc., in any city - worldwide. There will need to be allocated space for each breakout team to work with their rock star mentor/band and a final performance area. We will take care of all of the details and work with any existing venues or preferred locations in order to produce the best event together.

Are there special roles for
the executives at our company?

We love to set up the program to work like "American Idol" where the company executives can be "the judges" and award prizes, if you would like. Executives or any other members of the organization can choose a role (such as become performing or non-performing "band" members). We find that this becomes is an incredible opportunity for the executives and key staff to get to know their organization, employees, and vice versa better.

How much time do we need for this program?

The program can be adjusted to fit any schedule, with a minimum of 3 hours in a single day, and available across multiple days. We can customize the timing and agenda of each program to fit your needs.

Is any musical experience required?

NO musical experience or special talent is required! We provide everything that each band will need to re-write and perform their hit Rock 'N' Roll song. Props are provided such as tambourines, shakers, tees, tour posters, bluetooth speakers and other props that are used during their rehearsal and big performance. Additionally, the band "teams" include both performing and non-performing roles such as songwriting, logo design, band management, choreography, and so on - so even the shyest people will contribute to the success of their teams.

Is there any special gear required?

Not necessarily. Sound and lights and backline gear will add to the richness of the experience. Many venues will already have this in-house, and if not, it can be rented from a local production company. The programs can also be done acoustically which won't require backline gear (drum kits, amplifiers, etc.), but will still need a sound system. We recommend having computer monitors set up to display the newly written song lyrics.

Can the program be customized?

Yes, the programs can be customized to suit the meeting's objectives, needs, schedule, location, budget, and goals. We have experts in corporate event design who are ready to discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve, including special requests, and will help you design an event that delivers your desired results to create lifetime learning and memories.

What is the ROI for my organization?

All  'Rock Your Business' events will turn any corporate meeting into a highly memorable learning experience!  Your attendees will be enthusiastic, engaged, and involved the entire time. The feedback we hear from our clients speaks for itself.  The team building event allows the participants to demonstrate skills such as: cross-functional collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation, conflict resolution, influence, creativity and persuasion. We encourage every organization to incorporate their own messaging such as the company's key values or latest marketing message! And unlike many traditional sales meetings,  where excitement and messaging tend to fade quickly, these attendees create a buzz for months later. It is such a unique and fun experience!  Every level of the organization will be able to connect and bond as they work together during the songwriting and performance...they become a real band and it is an experience that they will never forget!

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